Nov 8 2011 Meeting Minutes

Mati Allouche
Yoshito Umaoka
Steven Loomis
Uwe Stahlschmidt
David Filip

- Actions:
    - Contribute transform engine for SRX rules to CLDR for the Dec 2011 release. --> Kevin (Open)
    - Get everyone to provide input to the SRX file contributed Rodolfo and IBM by end of Nov 2011. (Open)
    - Provide IBM input on additional language supplementary input to the SRX default file --> Helena  (Closed)
    - David to connect with Helena to solicit input about ULI PR with the Multilingual-Web LT activities.  ---> David Filip  (Closed, reviewed in the ULI meeting)
    - Arle still owns the separator character proposal. Needs more fleshed out.---> Arle Lommel  (Open)
    - Liaison to CLDR TC --> Open ==> Kevin from Apple.
    - Default SRX rules:

- Review of last meeting minutes/action items
  - Update from XLIFF, MLW-LT (David F), UTC (Arle) activities
     * Should add the program information into the Multilingual Web LT charter. One concern is on the funding to be available only for two years.
  - CLDR TC liaison - Kevin
  - Review comments of default SRX *exception* rules
  - Unit separator and joiner proposal - Arle
  - Unicode conference update
     - Local users' group (Tex Texin): Arle + Steven Loomis.
     - Helena will post the Unicode Conference presentation to the ULI website for others' reference